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Teens Helping Teens is a summer leadership project initiated by the Love Without Hurt professionals. We select a group of teens with strong leadership potential who are motivated to take a stand against teen dating abuse. The Love without Hurt Relationship Specialists and Trainers provide education, leadership and advocacy training to empower teens to run awareness campaigns in their schools. In the summer of 2015, the teens designed and produced posters and resource cards to raise awareness and support for teens in need. These confident leaders now present at professional workshops and in their schools and communities.



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An excerpt from Shaianna, a central Ohio high school student, Age 17

I was 15 when I found myself wrapped around the finger of my boyfriend. We spent a lot of time together and my family loved him. For a few months, he treated me like I was the only girl in the world. Then things changed. He kept track of me and who I was with. He’d push me around “playing” with me, but he didn’t know his own strength. I could feel my self-esteem getting lower with each day we were together. I knew it needed to end. Breaking up with him was hard, but it was the right thing. I have learned through workshops to be a positive role model and speak out on this issue. Too many teens don’t know how to give their friends safe advice. I am now someone who knows how to help.